3 weeks before Easter, Constructing Excellence South West and LeadersMeets came together to provide members and guests a series of ‘conversations that matter’ around key themes to help members and leaders in the Construction navigate through the challenges presented by the Coronavirus pandemic.

This venture was very well received and we are delighted to say that these webinars will continue right through to June.

So each Tuesday and Friday there will be a 60-90 minute maximum ‘conversations that matter’ hosted by LeadersMeets commencing at 12.00hrs for which you can register using the links below.

It is also fantastic to see the unity as a number of organisations coming together to support their members and the wider construction sector as we move into the coming weeks and months.

We look forward to see you at an event soon so please see links below to register or to listen to recordings of past webinars.


Upcoming webinars

28th July: Building a Safer Future with Martin Taylor

31st July: The Quick Delivery of Complex Healthcare Projects with Rob Faro and Darren Rundell

Past webinars

24th July: What are the barriers to quality in Construction Projects' with Julie Bell-Barker

21st July: Ensuring that procurement behaviours are a force for positive change with Ann Bentley

17th July: Welsh Government’s Innovative Housing Programme and MMC strategy

14th July: Build Build Build” - The MMC way with Dan Macey

10th July: How to start your digital transformation journey with Phil Thomas

7th July: Blockchain and Smart Contracts with Duncan Reed and Jim Mason

3rd July: Uncomfortable truths about the UK Construction Sector with Peter McAteer

30th June: Intangible value: Evaluating human assets in times of change and in a post COVID-19 world with David Pearce

26th June: Building Equality LGBT+ Toolbox with Luke Ives

23rd June: Covid-19 - Impact on Worker Wellbeing: Adapting to an ever-changing new normal with Stephen Haynes

19th June: Encouraging greater ethnicity and ‘diversity of thought’ in construction

16th June: AIMCH: Industrialising Housing

12th June: The Future of Quality in Construction with Hannah Clarke

9th June: Covid -19 and The onstruction Recovery Plan with Simon Rawlinson

5th June: Maria Dunn, Head of Development Policy at Birmingham City Council

2nd June: Liz Cartwright, managing director of Cartwright Communications

29 May: Great projects need great teams with Andrew Dewar

26 May: Communication in the New World with Penny Wood 

22nd May: Post-Covid-19: Where next for the construction sector?

15th May: Understanding Stimulus Packages & Incentives available

19th May: Construction Skills Training – the future’s bright in these uncertain times

12th May: Collaboration in the Construction Sector

5th May: Covid-19 and the Impact on Worker Mental Wellbeing

1st May: Delivering Net Zero Carbon: The Facts Behind the Rhetoric

28th April: Social Value, Localism and Climate Action

24th April: Construction Legal Problems arising from COVID-19

21st April: Procurement and Bidding during (and after) COVID-19

17th April 2020: Cyber risk, organisational resilience and business continuity

14th April 2020: Maximising motivation while working from home

9th April 2020: Financial Matters

8th April 2020: Insurance and Risk

7th April 2020: Sector Response to Covid-19

3rd April 2020: Financial Matters

2nd April 2020: Risk and Insurance

1st April 2020: Legal Issues

31st March 2020: Risk and Insurance

27th March 2020: The Economy

26th March 2020: Legal Issues

25th March 2020: How can we really make homeworking work?

24th March 2020: How can we really make homeworking work?

20th March 2020: Legal Issues


Supporting organisations include:



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