At the beginning of Lockdown earlier this year, Constructing Excellence South West and LeadersMeets came together to provide members and guests a series of ‘conversations that matter’ around key themes to help members and leaders in the Construction industry navigate the challenges presented by the Coronavirus pandemic.

This venture was very well received and we are delighted to say that these free webinars have continued ever since.

Every Friday there is a 60-90 minute maximum ‘Conversations that Matter’ webinar hosted by LeadersMeets commencing at Midday for which you can register using the links below.

We look forward to seeing you at an event soon so please see links below to register or to watch recordings of past webinars.


Upcoming webinars

23rd October - Britain's New High Speed Railway with Ambrose McGuire

30th October - Update on Birmingham’s Climate Emergency with Maria Dunn

6th November - Citizen Communications strategy at CIH with Steve Hayes. Link coming soon

13th November - Continuing to achieve more with less! with Steve Clark


Past webinars

16th October - State of the Nation - Monthly Panel Discussion

9th October - Alternatives to Redundancy with Michael Hibbs

2nd October - How self-build & custom build should/could augment our housebuilding needs with Tom McSherry

25th September - Monthly State of the Nation Panel Discussion

18th September - Update on the latest progress at the Hinkley Point C construction site with Andrew Cockroft

11th September - Assessing quality in offsite manufacture with Richard Lankshear

8th September - The benefits of the Talent Retention Scheme: What’s in it for me? with Stuart Young

4th Sept 2020 - Social Value: Emperor's new clothes?

July 2020

31st July 2020 - The Quick Delivery of Complex Healthcare Projects

28th July 2020 - Building a Safer Future

24th July 2020 - What are the barriers to quality in Construction Projects

21st July 2020 - Ensuring that procurement behaviors are a force for positive change

17th July 2020 - Leanne Roberts of Welsh Government to discuss their MMC policy - Description

14th July 2020 - “Build Build Build” - The MMC way

10th July 2020 - How to start your digital transformation journey

7th July 2020 - Blockchain and Smart Contracts

3rd July 2020 - Uncomfortable truths about the UK Construction Sector


June 2020

30th June 2020 - Intangible value: Evaluating human assets in times of change and in a post COVID-19 world.

26th June 2020 - Building Equality LGBT+ Toolbox Talk

23rd June 2020 - Covid-19 - Impact on Worker Wellbeing: Adapting to an ever-changing new normal

19th June 2020 - Encouraging greater ethnicity and 'diversity of thought’ in construction

16th June 2020 - AIMCH: Industrialising Housing

12th June 2020 - The Future of Quality in Construction

5th June 2020 - Birmingham’s Climate Emergency

 9th June 2020 - Covid-19 and the construction recovery plan

2nd June 2020 - How marketing and PR is crucial to maintain during the COVID crisis - and why PR and social media is so vital for your business at this time.

May 2020

29th May 2020 - Great projects need great teams

26th May 2020 - Communication in the New World

22nd May 2020 - Post-Covid-19: Where next for the construction sector?

19th May 2020 - Construction Skills Training – the future’s bright in these uncertain times

15th May 2020 - Understanding Stimulus Packages & Incentives available

12th May 2020 - Collaboration in the Construction Sector

5th May 2020 - Covid-19 and the Impact on Worker Mental Wellbeing

1st May 2020 - Delivering Net Zero Carbon: The Facts Behind the Rhetoric

April 2020

28th April 2020 - Social Value, Localism and Climate Action

24th April 2020 - Construction Legal Problems Arising From COVID-19

21st April 2020 - Procurement and Bidding during (and after) COVID-19


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