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BBC report on staffing shortages throughout the construction industry

Our very own Andrew Carpenter discusses the post-recession shortages in personnel within the South West.


Ensuring a safe and healthy project

The Health & Safety DVD is a very effective tool to inform key clients within a lager organisation such as Head Teachers, Retail Managers etc. Or for designers and the construction team to make clients aware.


Procurement and Integration

The third DVD for Construction Clients  is Procurement and features Paul Morrell and pioneering clients like Steve Vickers of Birmingham City Council, John Lorimer of Manchester City Council together with Paul Morrell Government Chief Construction Advisor and our own Robert Knight (Bristol Club President and Igloo).


Whole Life Carbon Assessment

Whole life Carbon Assessment considers the carbon related emissions from the building over its entire life. This means that three phases of a building's life have been scoped. These are Initial Impacts, Operational Impacts and End-of-life Impacts


Building for Resilience

This CPD film is designed to support construction industry professionals in adapting to the impacts of extreme weather and climate change.  It has been produced by Climate SouthWest in partnership with Future Foundations and Constructing Excellence South West, and is supported by the Construction Clients’ Group.


Company Compliance

This is the first video in a series produced by the RIBA and the Health & Safety Executive challenges architects’ perceptions of addressing health and safety through the design process. It introduces the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 and provides an overview of achieving company compliance.


Designing for Refurbishment

The third video in a series produced by the RIBA and the Health & Safety Executive discusses designing for refurbishment, specifically looking at; surveying and analysis; structure and stability; and sequencing and programming. In 2007 work was stopped on 30% of UK refurbishment sites visited by the HSE. Refurbishment also accounts for 50% of all on-site fatalities that occur in Britain, and when the major injuries statistics are included, this amounts to a poor safety record for UK construction.



The fourth video in a series produced by the RIBA and the Health & Safety Executive covers the housebuilding sector and looks at: working at height; sequencing and programming; and manual handling. The 2007-2008 HSE statistics showed that 50% of all fatalities on housebuilding sites were as a result of falls from height and 16% of major health issues were caused by manual handling. This amounts to a poor safety record for UK housebuilding.


Working with Roofs

The second video in a series produced by the RIBA and the Health & Safety Executive discusses the reoccurring problems workers are faced with when construction roofs, what architects can do to reduce this risk and a case study demonstrating an innovative roofing design solution.

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