SWBEA Entry Generation Top Tips

Tips to help with entry generation  at the South West Built Environment Awards 

News stories 
Do you receive eshots or magazines from local or national construction news sources? If yes, please keep a look out for any South West based projects or companies featuring in these sources and forward the articles to the Radar Events team. 

Word of Mouth 
As you are on the front line of construction in the South West region you will most likely be the first to hear about different projects/companies with in the region. We only need the project or company name to be able to do our research to see if they are eligible to enter the South West Built Environment Awards. Please send over this information to the Radar Events team as and when you hear about them. 

Social Media 
Do you or your company have an active social media account? We often find social media is one of the most up to date sources for project information so please keep an eye out for new projects or updates on projects in construction. If you do have any recommendations please send over to the Radar Team or even tag in Constructing Excellence South West on linkedin or our twitter handle - @cesouthwest

You can also help us to promote the awards on social media liking, sharing or commenting on any relevant post you see.

These posts will most likely be from our Twitter account @cesouthwest, Linkedin Company page  www.linkedin.com/company/constructing-excellence-south-west/ or Linkedin Group www.linkedin.com/groups/8284627  

If you know of a cutting-edge project let us know by sending over the project name and a contact at the company and we can encourage members of that project team to enter these prestigious awards and be recognised for their outstanding achievements! 

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