Rob Knight - Lifetime Membership

Having been involved in the Constructing Excellence movement since its formation 18 years ago, it is a great honour to receive life membership of CESW. For me membership of Constructing Excellence has always been a never-ending journey to a better place.

Understanding, respecting, and collaborating with all parts of the construction supply chain has always made sense to me, and I believe that working collaboratively as part of an integrated team does help flush out hidden value, and assists in delivering more predictable and value adding project outcomes.

From a personal perspective, active participation in CE has helped me gain a wider understanding of the whole project delivery process resulting in me being better able to consider options from the perspective of other supply chain members, as well as understanding their pressures, wants, and aspirations.

This of course has meant that my decision-making process has improved benefitting all parties in seeking win/win project outcomes. This has not only proved good for all parties to a construction project (& my employers), but on a personal front has helped me improve my performance, “which to date has been career enhancing” - and of course with the bonus of making some very good friends along the way!

Despite all our efforts it is saddening sometimes to still come across opportunistic parts of the supply chain that still believe in short term gain, however by driving a positive message of collaboration and integrated working, I am confident that the real stars will continue to emerge, and hopefully leave the opportunists behind.

In the years to come there will be many challenges CESW as the journey to excellence continues, however I am confident that the well-run team at CESW and the desire to make the industry a better place, the organisation (of which I’m now a proud life member) will continue to deliver great outcomes.

Once again, many thanks, and hope to see you all in 2018.

Robert Knight

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