Richard Kochanski | Chair



Upcoming Theme Group Meetings

Tuesday 17th November 12.30 - 2:30pm



This Theme Group was assembled in early 2020 to help drive Quality improvements across the Region.

Projects have to be competitively priced and built within an agreed timescale. However, as we can see from recent disasters in the construction industry, it is vitally important not to lose sight of the quality and compliance standards that are specified for the project.

The best way for me to explain the importance of this Group is to quote from Steve Green, Chair of the Quality Theme Group in CE Midlands:

“Over the past few years the national issues around the Edinburgh Schools Enquiry, unacceptable defects on new build homes and the Grenfell Tower tragedy, have all brought the issue of Construction Quality into the public spotlight. At the same time the industry is seeing a significant growth in the adoption of offsite manufacturing and the digitalisation of the construction process generally”.


Our mission and purpose.


To share knowledge and foster collaborative working to add value to the construction process and to our buildings and infrastructure through improved Quality and Compliance.


Our specific objectives.


Our outputs will be


· to create an “'Enlightened Client's Guide to Quality” hosted on the CESW website;


· to develop a process to capture and implement lessons from the past and to harness new technologies to help drive Quality and Compliance.


Terms of reference.


a) To provide a forum for members interested in quality and compliance

b) To engage a wide audience, particularly clients and the delivery supply chain including architects, designers, constructors, regulators and anyone else with an interest in the built environment.

c) To promote a collaborative and integrated approach to quality and compliance

d) To provide a platform for the industry to understand ‘what good looks like’.

e) To demonstrate/communicate/showcase best practice.

f) To promote tangible benefits for an asset or building owner through improved quality and compliance across the asset lifecycle


We look forward to working closely with our CE colleagues in the Midlands so that our outputs are consistent and beneficial to stakeholders.




For more information about the Quality & Compliance Theme Group contact Richard Kochanski at richard.kochanski@gmail.com.

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