Published Guidance

Outcome Led Procurement: a common sense approach, a guide for clients and their advisers. It advocates the benefits of understanding value, identifying project objectives, pinpointing and managing risks, treating design and construction as a joined-up process and dealing with behavioural issues

Outcome Led Procurement: the view from the supply chain. It argues that the procurement of specialist products and services should be based on a greater understanding and communication of the outcomes wanted, adequate detailing and coordination of the works, the identification and management of the major risks involved and their involvement as early as possible in the process.

Constructing Excellence South West’s Top 10 Principles of Procurement. Sets out the most important principles of procurement needed to deliver project outcomes.

Development Finance: A best practice guide to lending.  This `lending map’ shows the typical key stages which need to be achieved before a lending organisation will be willing to provide secured funding for a speculative housing development.

Legal Guide to Off-site manufacturing. This guide has been drafted to highlight some of the key aspects of off-site manufacturing which need consideration from a legal perspective.


Guidance Under Development

Outcome Led Procurement: The Main Contractor’s View. This guide will set out the pivotal role played by Main Contractors in delivering the desired project outcomes now and in the future.


Dissemination of Learning

Here to Learn (HtL) workshops for key participants in construction projects and supply chains including Clients, Client Advisers and Consultants, Main Contractors, Specialist Contractors and Product Manufacturers and Suppliers. The objective is to evaluate how construction products and services systems are currently procured and how they might be procured more collaboratively and effectively in the future to enhance project outcomes and raise productivity.

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