Terms of Reference

BIM4Housing General Membership & Management Committee

Terms of Reference

BIM4Housing is a membership organisation and is a cross-industry group open to all organisations involved in the design, construction, management and delivery of housing, both private and affordable. Membership of BIM4Housing is reflective of the sector, involving clients, contractors, consultants, suppliers, subcontractors and other interested stakeholders.

The BIM4Housing Management Committee is open to all interested parties and exists to support the BIM4Housing group and to help in the delivery of its mission. The purpose of this document is to set out the mission and objectives of BIM4Housing and explains how the Management Committee is structured, managed and resourced.

The Mission: To assist the building of more and better homes through digitalisation by supporting organisations in the housing sector with the adoption of Building Information Modelling.



1. To identify areas where there are unresolved development issues for BIM in the housing industry and drive their resolution

2. To encourage all industry parties to work more collaboratively together, utilising BIM as the vehicle to improve how interested organisations contribute, interface and take advantage of the benefits offered throughout the process.

3. To liaise with BIM4 organisations in other sectors where cross-over, integration or information standardisation is required (e.g. BIM4FM, BIM4Manufacturing) either directly or through the broader BIM4Communities group.

4. To Build an evidence base (case studies, pilot projects etc.) and make it accessible to all.

5. To spread knowledge and awareness of BIM standards, information, up-skilling requirements and best practice across the home building industry through events and training.

6. To liaise with BIM4Housing organisations in other countries to swap best practice and ensure international standardisation (e.g. Norwegian BIM Assoc.).

These objectives should be reviewed by the BIM4Housing Management Committee on a regular basis to ensure that they are always relevant.


Priorities for 2019

1. Create BIM standard models for housing

2. Provide a vehicle for cross supply chain exchange of knowledge and networking

3. Educate building owners how to deploy BIM to assist with asset management

4. Explore how BIM may be beneficial with existing stock (Retro BIM)

5. To deliver four ‘quality’ meetings for BIM4Housing members

6. Revert to BIM4Housing being a membership organisation under the management of CESW


Membership and Structure

* The BIM4Housing Management Committee is open to all. The BIM4Housing group should reflect the entire membership and be drawn from the key parts of the housing sector whose involvement is essential to deliver the objectives and mission. The Management Committee is made up as follows:

* Private Developers (represented by Craig Ferrans of the HBF & Phil Stacey of Barratt Developments plc)

* Affordable Housing (represented by Nick Yandle of the NHF, Nigel Wiles of L & Q & Richard Whittaker of WM Housing)

* Warranty & Insurance (represented by Paul Cribbens of the NHBC)

* Housing Forum (represented by Michael Cleaver)

* Designers (represented by Rick Burgess of PRP Architects, Mac Muzvimwe of Arcadis & Derek Marshall of NC Architects)

* Contractors (represented by Adam Husseini of Keepmoat Homes)

* Specialists and suppliers (represented by Andrew Carpenter of the Structural Timber Association, Kay Hartmann of KLH UK, Stuart Cuttriss of Steico, Liam Buxton of ROCA & Paul Surin of Weinerberger)

* Supply Chain (represented by James Gall of Autodesk & Chris Hobbs of Graitec)

* Plus, others that may be invited as below

o Homes for Scotland





The BIM4Housing Management Committee should reflect an even balance of representation from across the supply chain.



Where agreed as appropriate by the Management Committee, other BIM4Housing members should be co-opted as required to support its activities.



Supporting bodies of BIM4Housing, to be agreed by the Management Committee, should be invited to attend Main Committee meetings as observers.

* Paul McGivern, Homes England

* James Ratcliffe, GLA


Management Committee governance

Management Committee members

Vacancies in the Management will be filled through self-nominations and, where required, a ballot of BIM4Housing members. The BIM4Housing Chair will have final say should any votes be tied.



The Chair of the Group will be chosen by the Management Committee and is currently Andrew Carpenter. The Vice Chair is Paul Surin.



The BIM4Housing Management Committee will meet quarterly following the main BIM4Housing meeting. A quorum of six members is required for all meetings. The Management Committee will meet in person or by conference call as and when necessary.


Management of BIM4Housing

The Chair is responsible for the day to day running of BIM4Housing and is expected to chair meetings of the Management Committee. The Management Committee will appoint a secretariat to support the Chair in the day to day running of the group. A Vice Chair will be appointed to support the role of the chair.

Task Groups should be created as and when the need arises based on discussions within the BIM4Housing Management Committee. Where possible, the chair of any Task Group should be a member of the Management Committee. Task Groups should progress work in support of the mission, calling on the expertise of individuals from the wider membership and sector. Task Groups should be ‘task and finish’.



The BIM4Housing Management Committee will engage with other groups relevant to BIM and the housing sector as appropriate in the delivery of its mission and objectives.

The Chair of BIM4Housing will represent the group on the BIM4Communities group and in other meetings with the BIM Task Group. If he/she is unable to attend, then the Vice Chair will represent the group.



BIM4Housing receives no external funding and is dependent on the support of its members. The secretariat for BIM4Housing to be provided by Constructing Excellence South West. BIM4Housing membership for 2019 is set at £220.50 (that being the minimum membership fee for CESW).

The Management Committee reserves the right to consider opportunities for external funding as appropriate.

The BIM4Housing website provides a contact point and information for members as well as a platform for its activities and is available to members of the BIM4Housing group.

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