Effective Collaboration

Effective collaboration means”…… considering upfront the behaviours we each need to use to achieve collaboration. It means committing ourselves to the relationship and to the wider goals of the team and being genuinely interdependent.


Effective collaboration is not just about who does what and when, it is about the style in which we do it. I can send you information in a timely manner and we call that co-ordination. I can choose to call you to ask whether the information I am generating could be useful to you in other ways I have not yet considered, that is collaborative behaviour.

Collaboration is considered a Holy Grail because it leads to results that could not have been generated by any one individual and it converts our skills and strengths into results. Collaboration is therefore something which needs care and attention to be paid to it.

Q; Can it be achieved without the client? Probably not, they are an integral part of the team. Q; Can it be delivered outside of a contract? A; Possibly, with strong leadership and Trust between parties in the relationship this is possible even without a contract, although the incentives are worth considering.

What will really support Collaboration as part of our everyday experience will be the work that the Level 3 BIM Task group (Digital Built Britain) are about to start on forms of contract and client education. The rest is down to us, as individuals, teams and companies.

Q; If we haven’t experienced effective collaboration how can we possibly know what that looks like? Someone has already made that easier for all of us. A group called Behavours4Collaboration set out to describe those behaviours in a Profession Map which outlines what is required at each level of the industry. They have already integrated this with the Higher Education Academy Learning Outcomes Framework, which means those studying for BIM qualifications will be using these behaviours.

The purpose of this Profession Map is to cohere the industry across silos enabling them to collaborate. It is free and available to use, so if you want to get a head start you are welcome to do so. Please join our group on Linkedin, https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8142595

follow us on Twitter @Beh4Coll or get involved by watching our latest video explaining more https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhVPOdcpmc0&feature=youtu.be.

Alternatively for a good old fashioned chat on the phone you can call Elizabeth Kavanagh, Head of HR, Research and Innovation @ Stride Treglown.

Elizabeth Kavanagh
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