Martyn Jones









Martyn has been associated with construction for over fifty years. In the early years of his career he held engineering and management roles in the nuclear and commercial sectors of the industry.

For the following thirty years he lectured at the University of the West of England in the specialisms of construction technology, and project and supply chain management. During this period, he was the Director of Studies for the School of Construction Management and held the post of Principal Lecturer in Construction Management.

During the past thirty years Martyn has taught, consulted, researched and published extensively on construction’s response to post-Fordism and now the emerging Digital techno-economic paradigm. For over twenty years he has been associated with the Construction Reform Movement having been one of the founding members of the Bristol Constructing Excellence Club and for a time the Regional Manager/Interim Director for Constructing Excellence in the South West and is now a member of CESW’s Management Team and Board.

He is also the Chair of CESW’s Procurement and Productivity Theme Group whose Vision is to be an informed and proactive community of interest, sharing ideas and learning, and supporting the adoption of best practice in the procurement of construction products and services from highly effective supply systems in the SW region.

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