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John_GallagherJohn has worked in nuclear generation and decommissioning for Magnox Ltd since graduating from the University of Newcastle in 2008 with a Combined BSc in Physics, Mathematics and Business.

Now a Senior Commercial Specialist, John is an ambassador for collaborative working principles. Responding to the Egan and Latham reports he was a leader in the procurement of some of the largest collaborative framework contracts Magnox has embarked upon. These NEC3 arrangements are now delivering the major decommissioning Programmes of work across the Magnox fleet.

More recently, as a Framework Manager, John led an integrated supply-chain to the design and construction of the first Interim Store for Intermediate Level Waste in the UK.

Now operating within the Plant & Structures Programme, John leads the deployment of fit-for-purpose commercial arrangements across Magnox, supporting De-planting, Demolition, Remediation, Infrastructure and Construction Projects, in a highly regulated industry, with stakeholders including the Office for Nuclear Regulation, National Audit Office, Environment Agency and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.

A member of the Bristol Constructing Excellence Committee and South West Steering Group,  John is a keen contributor to the Construction Clients Forum and Nuclear Task Group. He is currently leading the launch of G4C (the young professionals branch of CE) in the South West of England.
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